Saturday, February 13

DADT or Don't Ask Don't Tell - Are We Really a Homophobic Nation?

Don't ask, Don't tell.

Sounds like a third-graders rule about the potty or gift giving rules about the price of a gift doesn't it?

Believe it or not this is a rule in the United States military that is designed as much to protect the homosexual members as it is to protect the heterosexual members of the military organizations.

Apparently heterosexual members of the military are so afraid of homosexual members of the same gender that they would prefer not to have to serve with the knowledge that they have people of other sexual orientation in there midst! This would lead someone to speculate about the homosexual combat performance wouldn't it? If the heterosexual members of the military, who are tough and disciplined members of a fighting force are bothered and afraid of working with and or close to these homosexual members who have the same skill set and disciplines, does that mean the homosexual members are somehow tougher and more fierce than there heterosexual counterparts? Does that mean then that the heterosexual commanding members of our military should be pulled back and put under the command of our more aggressive homosexual soldiers?

Should homosexual soldiers and service men and women be kicked out of the service once they are discovered? Should they have there benefits removed? Should this be how we take care of those who are willing to stand up and serve our nations call?

Are homosexuals less qualified to fight and die in a heroic manner fighting for the nation that they believe to be there home? To stand for a nation that has said that all men are created equal?

Keep that phrase in mind "all men are created equal" and lets step back to the 1940's.

Let's see how far we have progressed over the past 70 years.

World War II and the American military: The industrial giant has been awakened from a long slumber by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. It was a time that called for swift action and bold men and women to stand tall in an effort to defend the nation that they loved from a formidable set of enemies that were attempting to spread their rule over the globe. Those people came forward in droves, ready and willing to fight and die for the family, friends and countrymen and the nation that was in jeopardy.

People from all ethnic backgrounds volunteered in massive waves.

The Nazi's kept the enemy of there governments goals, Jew's and homosexuals, labeled. They forced them to wear identifying symbols to make it apparent to the rest of the population that the wearer of the mark was different and an enemy of the people.

Before the concentration camps started operation and the evil that was the attempted mass extermination of "enemies of the Nazi state", the people who were being singled out knew there was something wrong. Many started attempting to hide who they were and felt compelled to lie about there heritage or sexual orientation.

As the war and insanity of the Nazi leadership grew so did the fear of the people.

How different are we?

Are we not pretending to be the most advanced society on the planet?

Didn't we defeat this enemy many times before?

Black or white, gay or straight what is the difference? We are all supposed to be Americans. We are a melting pot of many races, many religions and many orientations.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell is stereotypical back woods "keep 'em away from me" mentality bull. If we stood with this same mentality our soldiers and service members would all be white men, between 14 and 45 and carry muskets.

What are your thoughts? Are you afraid of gays with guns?

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