Sunday, February 7

Update on Deadly Explosion in Middletown CT at Kleen Energy

New information in the explosion and injuries has come out from the city and law enforcement agencies of Middletown Ct.

Update on the Blast from the office of Middletown Mayor Sebastian Giuliano

5 people were killed in the blast and at least 12 people were injured. Search and rescue teams are being assisted by the use of dogs in the search for additional people who may be trapped in the rubble from the blast.

There were multiple contractors on the job site at the time of the explosion which caused mass confusion on the numbers and estimates of casualties. The contractors are currently working with officials to put together a list of all employees who were on site at the time of the blast.

The names of those who were killed or injured in the blast have not been released as the families have yet to be notified.

OSHA is currently on the scene.

Five emergency response teams are still on the scene at this time. The fire has been put out and at this time the main suspicion is that a ruptured natural gas pipe led to the explosion today.

The Red Cross is on site and have set up a Family and Victim crisis intervention site at the city hall located at 245 DeKoven Drive in Middletown. The Red Cross has also set up a hot-line families gain information - you can call (800) 347-2577 if you believe a family member or loved one was at the job site today and you need information on there current condition or where abouts.

Read the official press release from the Middletown Mayors office here.

Statement from Ct. Gov. Jodi Rell on the Middletown plant explosion
4:42 PM:

"The scene in Middletown is still very active and dozens of state, local and other officials are working tirelessly. Their efforts are expected to continue through the rest of the day and night and into tomorrow. As details are confirmed, Middletown officials, who have control of the scene, will brief the community and the media.

"I thank the many first responders who are braving the very cold and windy conditions. I ask the people of Connecticut to keep those working at the plant at the time of the explosion and their families in their prayers."

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