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US Military Death Toll Since We Moved into Afghanistan

Over 5500+ Digital Photographs of the Wars in Iraq & AfghanistanThe United States military has been engaging enemy combatants in Afghanistan since 2001 when then President George W. Bush decided to send our troops in.

During that 8 year period the US has lost 990 soldiers.

The number of military personnel killed has risen steadily over the years as the action has intensified.

The yearly combat losses are broken out below by year.

2001: 12

2002: 49

2003: 48

2004: 52

2005: 99

2006: 98

2007: 117

2008: 155

2009: 317

2010: So far this year the US forces have lost 43 members.

(Yearly Totals originally reported by WestWingReport)

The most recent loss for the US military was sustained yesterday during the launch of Operation Moshtarak, a combined NATO offensive launched with US, British and Afghan troops.

The offensive was lead by the US. The air and ground assault is designed to seize control of the Taliban stronghold of Marjah. It is the largest offensive launched in Afghanistan since the campaign started.

The US Marines lost 1 soldier in the offensive as did the British Grenadier Guards. The Taliban are reported to have lost 20 combatants.

The offensive is part of President Barack Obama’s troop surge and is aimed at regaining control of towns across the central Helmand region.

The Allied War Machine's ultimate goal is to spread the control of Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai and push the Taliban terror group out of the region, permanently.

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