Monday, January 10

Obama speaks at Thompson Creek

President Obama spent time out on January 7th to visit Landover Maryland's own Thompson Creek Manufacturing, maker of custom windows, doors, gutters and siding with a focus on the customer and 100% customer satisfaction.

It is fitting that the President spent time at a company that embodies the countries former approach to business ethics, quality products, employee devotion and exceptional growth through dedication and hard work.

Thompson Creek started out last year with 200 employees. In under a year they have outgrown the new 80,000 square foot facility they moved into just 3 years ago and now employ nearly 300 workers. That's job growth. That's finding a way to move forward.

At a time when others were pulling back and downsizing, cutting jobs and slashing expenditures, Thompson Creek was charging ahead and growing.

If more companies would exercise this type of American spirit and commitment to the customer experience as once was the typical American business practice, we would see our economy rebound stronger and crisper than ever before.

Our complacence with the 90 day guarantee and the low priced Chinese knockoff product that may or may not get out of the box before it breaks is one of main problems today. We as Americans become more engrossed in quantity rather than quality. Not the American consumer, but rather the American businessman. The credo became "Sell, Sell, Sell" and quality was no longer a priority.

Last month the U.S. economy added more than 100,000 jobs. We will see more ups and downs to come over the next few months, but if more businesses, large or small would approach the unique environment of today's business world like the people of Thompson Creek have, there would be more up than down for our economic future.

Thompson Creek isn't done growing yet.
They are currently hiring! Take a look at the current list of openings at Thompson Creek Manufacturing!

Video from Obama's visit

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