Thursday, January 13

Should the hate speech and finger pointing stop in American politics?

American Politics

A two party system established on the principle of dividing a nation cleanly in two has been hell bent on setting families at odds for years. but how much is too much?

When should the outright blame thy neighbor speech stop?

Is America starting to resent the divisive media sensational approach to our political machine?

Have the politicians finally crossed that last line in the sand?

For years we have all listened to the "they have blocked us" speeches from both parties. They spew the "folks from across the isle" verbiage at every opportunity in an attempt to lay blame on the other guy.

Let's face it, if the citizens are unhappy the officials don't get re-elected into there cushy job. At the end of the day, it's a job folks. All the "for love of country" speeches mean nothing if the person speaking is unwilling to forgo the paycheck and still do the job.

The best way to get re-elected is to make sure your cause is well supported by the citizens.

The people of our country love to get behind a cause.

We will forgo sanity for a cause. Even if the logic behind the idea seems a bit fuzzy, you can hear people at the grocery store arguing over the "fact" that they should not allow it to happen or that they heard it is "fact" because they heard it on the "news" or some politician just claimed his words as bible verse.

Have the inflammatory comments and claims of "commie" style governance and "death panel health care", "recession's thinking" and "gun toting bigot's" and the "that party is the root of our problems" finally gone to far in American politics?

Can't we just get along?

Come on folks, it's only politics!

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