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This Weeks WTF goes to: Sarah Palin Jan 16th 2011

This weeks WTF goes to none other than Sarah Palin. We may have to nominate her for the Ultimate 1461 WTF but we are sure there will be many more WTF moments to come when we are talking about Sarah Palin.

This weeks WTF comes to us courtesy of Sarah herself.

The self-centered, one time princess of the Republican party seems to be committing herself to helping the Democrat Party to overcome and reverse any momentum that the Tea Party may have left.

The former Alaskan Governor was offended by some misdirected references that were made in the aftermath of the shooting in front of a Safeway in Tuscon Arizona this past weekend and decided to fire back in what has become her own "personal style" of ranting.

Some in the media pointed fingers at Sarah Palin's "map" that she used to point out areas that she felt were in contention. She used a familiar and party friendly graphic, the scoped cross-hair (the Republicans are predominantly gun rights activists. Nothing wrong with that - it is an identifiable image.) to pinpoint those locations.

NO ONE of a sane mind would think that this was a call for people to go extremest.

Let me repeat that again for you all:

NO ONE of a "sane mind" would think that this was a call for people to go extremest.

It was simply a quickly available sensationalistic angle to go after someone for ratings.

When a company, News or otherwise becomes only concerned with gaining the almighty dollar and no-longer is concerned with reporting the facts or not creating a sensationalist product that will flash in the pan, causing untold damage and generate advertising dollars no matter the impact it will have on others, whether directly or indirectly involved in the "news" they are reporting they cross a line.

Some "news" organisations do this regularly and stretch and fold facts until they are unrecognisable in the "story" they are reporting. Not surprisingly, these "news" companies have huge advertising revenue rolling in as people always love a "car crash" to look at.

Now, that being said, Sarah was the unfortunate victim of a sensationalist news story. I will give her that. If she had come forward and spoken in an open and calm manner, people would have embraced the statements. She could have attempted to stand in unison, shoulder to shoulder with those who have been caught up in this unfortunate set of events. She could have done well for herself and reclaimed the limelight once again as the princess of the tea party.

Nope, not Sarah.

Well, that's not fair either.

She took a shot at it. Sarah swung for the bleachers and during her video she mentioned the Founding Fathers, the Constitution, God and once again, Ronald Reagan. Sarah Palin decided to go and use one of those phrases that she felt could pull up and evoke a solid response for her, Blood-libel, an openly anti-symetic phrase - except she seems to be about as knowledgeable about the use of verbiage as she is about following through on a commitment to citizens who elect her.

Sarah attempted to make herself the victim in the situation. That's as good as attempting to make yourself popular. It normally backfires and has the opposite effect.

Well Sarah - you got the backfire -
The WTF moment for you? The next day when you read what you thought was going to be favorable support from your party and found out - even they were saying - WTF!

(as if just to punctuate my point apparently Sarah spoke with Sean Hannity and explained whats what. See the New York Mag's story by Julie Gerstein Sarah Palin on Tucson ... And why everyone hates her
Round two already Sarah? Really?? Damn Gotcha-Media!
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