Wednesday, February 2

Obama Administration Repeats Call for "Restraint" Amid Cairo Chaos

In a statement from White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs on the escalating violence in Egypt there was a renewed "call for restraint".

The White House - Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release February 02, 2011

The United States deplores and condemns the violence that is taking place in Egypt, and we are deeply concerned about attacks on the media and peaceful demonstrators. We repeat our strong call for restraint.

The outbreak of violence has sparked as protesters are calling for the immediate resignation and removal of Egyptian President Mubarak.

President Mubarak has stated that he will step down in September for a free and fair election process.

President Obama's call for an orderly transition process to begin may have little bearing on the future of Cairo.

White House Press Secretary Gibbs stated during today's press conference that
the message that the President delivered clearly to President Mubarak was that the time for change had come.
when asked about the phone conversation the two Presidents had last evening.

The United States along with the world look on as rocks, clubs and whips are hurled back and forth between the two clashing groups in Cairo.

Click here to watch President Obama's statement on the violence in Egypt or click here to read the transcript.

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