Saturday, February 12

Ron Paul wins CPAC Straw Poll - once again

Ron Paul has once again won the CPAC Straw Poll.

No news there.

The news is in how he won.

Ron Paul won with just barely 30% of the vote.
This suggests that as I have been saying, the Republican party is divided and will find it difficult to get behind one single candidate for the 2012 election cycle.

Ron Paul won with %30 percent of the 3,742 votes cast.

Mitt Romney was in second with 23% of the vote.

Behind Mitt the votes were so sparse that none broke into the double digit range.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie brought only 6% of the vote. So did New Mexico's former Governor Gary Johnson, a large supported of legalization of marijuana.

Newt Gingrich followed behind the pair with 5% of the vote.

Poor Sarah Palin however, may have just learned that they really are tired of here in real politics. She trailed someplace after Newt along with her fellow wing nut Michele Bachmann!

Do you think any of them will get the hint?

No chance, they are both to self-absorbed.

Does the straw poll really mean anything - well - it has never been the best indicator, but those who place low generally get the point and understand that they may not have the utmost support of there party if they choose to move forward with the campaign process.

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