Tuesday, June 28

Drop Side Crib Sale and Re-Sale Now Federally Banned

Drop-side cribs, once popular to new and even experienced parents for the ease of access to the child have now been federally banned.

The Manufacture, sale and even resale is now prohibited from today forward.

The only cribs that will be available from today forward are fixed side cribs.

If you still have one of the drop-side style cribs or you can't afford to replace the drop side crib immediately, you have limited options available to you.

If you have one of the drop-side cribs and you suspect that your crib may have worn or damaged hardware you can modify the cribs drop side by "fixing in place" the drop side rails so that they no longer move up and down. Once they are rendered inoperable you can continue to use the crib, however you cannot resell the crib. When you no longer need the crib, you will have to disassemble the crib and dispose of the crib.

There are still recalls on the drop-side cribs that have been sold in the past. Check with the store that you purchased the crib at originally or if you purchased your current crib second hand you will want to check the manufacturers website for recall details and possible actions and fixes.

The Federal Government has also changed the testing that is allowed for cribs. In the past they were allowed to stop testing and re-tighten the hardware assembly for the crib and then continue the testing. The Fed now feels that this is unrealistic and that the portion of Americans who would actually exercise enough common sense to inspect and re-tighten the hardware on there cribs every few months is limited at best.

Manufacturers will not be allowed to stop the testing and re-tighten the hardware any further during the safety testing phase.

The overall impression is that this will provide the end-user a safer crib. This should not stop you from checking your cribs hardware periodically.

It is simple common sense.

Or you could do what we did and build your own, and still check the hardware periodically just the same.

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