Thursday, June 30

GB continues crying wolf - more Beck BS

GB went to see a movie in the park and was shocked to find out that New Yorkers don't like him.

To compensate - he has pulled off his normal fake tear, cry wolf bs that has become the norm for Captain Beck.

GB has claimed to have been a victim of ridicule and aggressive speech while in the park in New York. He claims to have had an "alcoholic beverage" poured on his blanket and wife.

A person claiming to have been in the park watching the same movie "39 Steps" and having been on the blanket beside GB has claimed that the Beck story is (as most of his stories are) not accurate!

All I can think is - Beck must have a new book coming out soon and need a little boost in the public to help set up sales. Wonder if he is Broke?

Broke: The Plan to Restore Our Trust, Truth and Treasure

Can't wait to see this one play-out a little further.

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