Thursday, June 30

Internet Tax Starts Tomorrow!

In California - the new Internet Sales Tax kicks in as of tomorrow.

Amazon said - I don't think so!

Rather than pay the sales tax on Internet based sales - Amazon has decided to close all affiliate sales in the state.

That's right - nearly 10,000 amazon associates have now been cut off.

California Governor Jerry Brown may have single handedly slowed the internets progress by passing a law that requires out-of-state web based e-tailers to charge sales tax on purchases made by California residents.

The Governor expected the internet tax to generate $317 million in new tax revenue.

One word Governor - Hemp.

SELL California Gold - you will have the "goldrush" on again.

Don't stop at just medical pot - but legalize marijuana and regulate it.

Did you hear the key word? Regulate the growing, harvesting and sales.
(Tax them. Have licensing rules and regs and have yearly fees associated with the process)
Forget the small time tax on internet sales.

Sell taxed weed on the net.
that's where the money is Governor.

Do it right and the rest of the country will be lined up to take a lone from the richest state in the union - Califonia!

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