Thursday, July 21

As Atlantis touches down Russia takes the lead in the exploration of space

The space shuttle Atlantis has touched down in Cape Canaveral Florida and with it came an end an era of dominance and leadership.

The Atlantis and all space shuttles will be moved off and put on display not to be launched again.

But with the shuttle program being ended so are the support role jobs for the shuttle program.

14,000 NASA employees will be released tomorrow as the American space program moves from NASA control to cooperative space exploration with America essentially buying a seat or space on a space vehicle.

The Russian space program which has instantly been launched into the number one leadership role is now expected to be Americas main access point to space moving forward.

Atlantis will remain at Kennedy Space Center and be placed on display at the Space Centers Visitors Center.

Discovery will be on display at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C., and Endeavour will be displayed at the Science Center in Los Angeles.

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