Sunday, July 17

Former News Corp CEO Brooks Arrested in U.K

And so the downward spiral continues for the Murdock News Corp. crew. She is not the first to be arrested and we are betting she is far from the last in this investigation.

Rebekah Brooks who resigned earlier this week from her position of power within the ranks of News Corp has voluntarily met with and been arrested by British police in connection with the U.K.'s phone hacking scandal that has been tormenting the News Corp. crew for the better part of this month.

Read Bloomberg's post on the subject - Ex-News Corp. Executive Brooks Arrested in U.K. Phone-Hack Probe

We are sure you have heard of the scandal that is threatening the power that News Corp - the parent of Faux - that is unless of course you watch Faux or other News Corp media.

But isn't the Telegraph one of the News Corp entities???

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