Sunday, July 17

Palin now a movie star?

Sarah Palin still hasn't declared her intentions for the Presidential office but she has apparently decided she wants to be a movie star.

We are not too sure that her dream on the big screen will work out for her either.

The cliche dropping Alaskan ex-governor's new Presidential advertisement "The Undefeated" cleverly (or not so - depending on your thoughts on the timing and release locations of the movie) disguised as a bio-pic has been released to a limited base of theaters only in deeply conservative areas. So limited that it is only playing in 10 locations currently until they see how the movie will play to the targeted audience.

So far - according to some news posts - it doesn't look good for those who might want to see the advertisement, I mean movie in a theater. You may be able to get the DVD in just a few weeks and watch it on the small screen.

According to the Christian Science Monitor - the only person who showed up for one of the showings was a movie reviewer.

Does that mean Palin finally jumped the shark?

Are we all but through with having to listen to her and the cliches and double back talk that says nothing? I still wish that McCain had his staff look at her a little better in the beginning.

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