Tuesday, July 5

Going too far - British phone hacking: British tabloid's alleged phone hacking causes uproar

The British are pissed off - and with good reason.

Tabloid journalism has had no boundary there or here for years and they just keep going further and further to test how far they can go before they break the bounds.

According to recent articles there is a case where a journalist hacked into the cell phone of a missing girl and deleted some of the messages in her voicemail. By doing so there was available space for new messages to be left in the voice mail which led the family of the missing girl to have a renewed sense of hope that they may find there daughter alive.

However that hope was quashed when the 13 year old girl was found by authorities dumped in the woods.

News International, the British entity of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp has been working to quite the storm the case is causing.

By some accounts (including the one in the L.A. Times article) News of the World published at least one story from the information that was attained from the voice-mails that were on the missing girls cell phone.

When has sensationalist style journalism gone too far?
Has Murdoch's empire, which includes Fox News finally crossed a line at least in another country?
Should the government step in and return news to what it was - a true and ethical division of journalism?

Read the L.A. Times story here British phone hacking: British tabloid's alleged phone hacking causes uproar

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