Tuesday, July 5

What if the Debt Limit talks fail? Who wins if that happens?

Believe it or not according to this story on the Christian Science Monitor site - the Republicans may loose and be in a worse spot than President Obama if the talks on Thursday fail and the August 2nd date is not met with a new debt ceiling.

Is this President a better chess player than many thought?

Who loses if debt-limit talks fail? Possibly Republicans more than Obama. - CSMonitor.com

The CSMonitor.com article is referring to a post by David Brooks in New York Times titled: The Mother of all No-Brainers

He makes several good points and also tells us that the Republicans will undoubtedly not reach an accord with the Democrats or the President on the debt ceiling.

I think he may well be right.

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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous9:00 PM EDT

    one way or the other we all win or we all lose!

    If they ALL don't start to work as the government should as a leadership rather than a group of angry children on the playground at recess who don't want to share the toys, we will all be left holding the bag


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