Sunday, July 3

Michele Bachmann hits the trail

Unfortunately its not the lone dusty trail out of the Presidential race. On the bright side though, with her running about exposing how much of a wing nut she is she will divide even more of the Republican / Tea-Party voters and force them to revert to still more infighting.

Michele Bachmann, the congresswoman from Minnesota kicked off a bus tour of Iowa on Saturday to meet the voters in the upcoming primaries.

She was able to amass nearly 100 Tea-Partiers at the Iowa state capitol in Des Moines.

Hardley a mass gathering of support, but we are sure that Bachmann read it as a triumph. The only item missing is the Alaskan whack job S. Palin to show up and lend her support. Palin has yet to toss her hat in the ring for the bid to the big office in DC, and we here at the 1461 can't wait for her to do it. It won't be long now.

After all Bachmann took her time to announce her run.

She waited until she was in another presidential debate to announce her run.

We were all stunned!

Ok - so we weren't but she was holding out just the same!

Want to learn a bit more about Michele Bachmann?

You could read Michele Bachmann: Why She Will Win the Presidency in 2012 or Michele Bachmann: A to Z or her State of The Union Address with Republican and Tea Party Response - January 25, 2011 to get a little more insight into her thoughts. The later is the most informative.

Of course Romney vs. Bachmann shows a little more of the division in the party and the cracks that are about to start growing. ''On Tea Party Wing-nuts!

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