Sunday, July 3

Exxon spills estimated 42,000 gallons of crude oil in Yellowstone River

Drill Baby Drill!
More now!
Don't Regulate!
The current system works perfectly well!
Our infrastructure can handle more volume!

All words from the Tea-Party and the wing nuts and conservative party members have stuck to for the past few years.

No worries - just be happy, right?

Well it turns out that yet another oops has let crude oil flow freely into the environment.

A pipeline running under the Yellowstone River near Billings Montana ruptured sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning. The rupture allowed hundreds of barrels to flow into the the river and run downstream. Roughly 25 miles of oil contamination. Intakes from the river have been forced to shutdown. Read more from the CBS story here

The Yellowstone River has also flooded the nearby farms recently.
The addition of the oil spill may be damaging crops and livestock resources for years to come.

Read more from the Billings Gazette on the extent of the oil spills damage on the local residents and communities as well as the spotty response by the big business oil company.

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