Tuesday, July 5

A shining example of Republicans Blocking Progress - Minnesota 5 days of state shutdown so far

A state divided.

A Democrat in the Governor's office and Republicans holding the state hostage.

Seems like the same thing happening all over doesn't it?

This one is over a $5 Billion whole in the budget.

That's a b this time - not a T.
Not that a B for Billion is a small number - I am sure I will never see that much money through my whole life even if I were to count every penny that has passed through my hands.

Whats the real fight over?

That damn Democrat wants to raise taxes on the folks with money and the republicans said hell no!

They would rather have the thousands of state employees out of work and wondering how they will pay their bills next week or next month than have the folks who have money have to part with some of it.

The Republican plan?
Once again - spending cuts (lower pay for essential employees - you know - firefighters, police, paramedics - less work on infrastructure (roads, bridges - no big deals there either) and reducing the over all work force for those damn gov't employees - see earlier list) oh and delay payments.

Read the Washington Post story here: Minnesota shutdown drags on - The Washington Post

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