Sunday, August 28

Remember Katrina in 05? So does the Obama Administration as do the Residents of the North East!

Before the Irene made landfall, President Obama declared federal emergencies for the states of Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island and Virginia.

The preemptive move opened up the channels for federal financing to cover the expense of the required tactical support needed to respond to hurricane Irene as it moved into the east coast of the United States.

It is clear that the Obama Administration wanted to avoid any chance of a repeat of the 05 Katrina response by Federal Government and FEMA. It is important to understand that Louisiana and Mississippi are both still in a recovery phase from Hurricane Katrina.

In this state of preparedness FEMA had 18 disaster incident response teams in place or moving to be in place in coastal states. They had stockpiles of food, water and mobile communications equipment staged and ready to move into the expected areas that were to be hardest hit by Irene.

The Coast Guard was on notice and had over 20 rescue helicopters and search planes staged East Coast air stations, prepped and ready to take off quickly if they were required to respond. 18 additional Defense Department helicopters in the Northeast were set aside for rapid response. Approximately 101 thousand National Guard members were made available.

the American Red Cross had mobilized and positioned over 200 emergency response vehicles with thousands of stable, emergency meals to feed those who may be in need in areas expected to be caught in the path of the storm.

This was a massive undertaking.

Would you have expected anything less in response from our Federal Government especially with the memories of Katrina lingering in the backs of our minds?

So how much did the total bill come to?

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