Tuesday, September 6

Do we still need the Post Office or should it follow the Pony Express into history?

The Post Office has been digging a deeper and deeper budgetary hole for itself for years.

They are not a Government employer yet they offer Governmental insurance and pensions.

But they haven't been able to afford offering the Government level benefits package for some time now. They know they can't continue to operate they way they have but the options they are offering aren't functional either.

Do we still need the Post Office as it is currently?

They are proposing to cut Saturday delivery from the offerings.

That's a great start and I don't think anyone would miss Saturdays flyers and junk mail showing up in the box at the end of the driveway.

I think they need to go a little further.

TTS = Remove home delivery for Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

They could reduce the work force of carriers to part time 30 hour a week and by doing so reduce the overall burden of the benefits package they have to offer.

Does that one move fix all the problems that face the US Postal Service?

Not even close.

But some of the other ideas they want to propose are worthless at best.

Would you trust the US Postal Service with securing your email and digital mailing?

Not me.

I couldn't find a value they could offer to any customer with an offer like this.

I don't think a couple of 14 year-olds on a Monday night after having a pop quiz at school and a bad afternoon would be deterred from hacking whatever "secure" mail the US Postal Service could attempt to offer.

Plus I can't see anyone paying to email anything.

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