Thursday, November 24

Happy Thanksgiving America

The 1461 would like to wish the American people a happy Thanksgiving.

We would like to extend a special wish for a happy and safe Thanksgiving to all of our troops and service members who are serving abroad and far away from friends, family and loved ones this holiday.

I thank you all for answering a call to duty and sacrificing your time and so much to do so.

I want the people back home to understand what you are going through and how you all handle day to day life.

Please send pictures of your Thanksgiving and your stories of the day or anything else you would like to share with the people back home (anything you want to say or have posted) and we will publish them here.

See the 1461 contact Page for ways to contact the 1461.

Once again let me say thank you all for your service.

the 1461 would also like to which a safe and Happy Thanksgiving to all non-service related Americans. May this be a the beginning of an upturn for us all and let us not forget those who are most special in our lives. Over the past few years many of us have learned new lessons and have grown as a nation. We will come out of this tough time stronger and leaner. I hope we don't forget what we have learned and move forward cautiously as we emerge from our downturn into a new future.

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