Saturday, December 17

Spending bill Senate vote expected Today

The Senate vote on a compromised spending bill that would keep the government funded and running for the rest of the year is expected today.

The House of Representatives passed the bill yesterday in a 296 to 121 vote on the extension which will cost almost $1 Trillion dollars.

The deadline which was Midnight Friday was extended by a one-day continuing resolution which was passed by the Senate on Friday and signed by President Obama which keeps the government funded through Saturday's expected vote.

But anyway you look at it this is just another case of kick the can - not an honest effort to fix problems.

The bill also ties in the payroll tax cut and other provisions that are currently set expire at the end of the year. It also has a built in temporary extension of unemployment benefits. But all of the built in riders are as I said, temporary. 2 months temporary.

Keep kicking the can folks - maybe somebody someday will pick up all the cans and fix the issues rather than continue to pass them along and watch the fallout.

We are an intelligent society.
I would bet that we as a people could sit down and not claim party lines and as a society come to terms on a way to move forward and fix our economy faster than those who we have elected to do so.

Post your ideas and lets get the ball moving.

My first idea - cut the pay to those elected to the house and senate and limit lifetime benefits for the retired members.

Senate vote expected Saturday on spending bill -

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