Sunday, January 1

The Economy seems to be making a sharp turn and may be rallying to Obama's advantage as the Republicans are starting the candidate selection process

With The money starting to flow from people's wallets and purses once again it appears that the economy is starting to take a turn for the better.

Construction, and I am not talking about infrastructure, is starting to pick up dramatically.

The construction industry is and has been a leading indicator for the economy for years. The sharp pickup in the construction starts and hiring lighting up all across the nation coupled with the huge rise in spending this holiday season seems to be pointing to a bright spot on the horizon.

But is that a good thing to have happening in an election year for the Republicans?

For President Obama it couldn't be happening at a better time.
For the Republicans revving up the campaign engines - they would look better if this type of up-tic had started in March or April.

The Democrats and all powerful undecideds may have a renewed upsurge.

look for the President's approval ratings to surge upward over the next couple of weeks. Not exactly what the Republicans wanted to see.

Economy rallying to Obama's advantage - World - NZ Herald News

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