Sunday, January 15

Massive explosion and falling debris expected as Russian Space probe and Chinese Satellite plummet to Earth

A $165 Million Russian deep space probe which was designed to travel to Mars moon Phobos to collect samples of the surface materials and then return to the Earth with it's new payload. The probe and its original payload remained trapped in Earth orbit, never making the planned 2-1/2 year trip to Mars moon.

The probe will be making a different kind of trip today according to Russia's space agency. The probe will be plummeting towards the earth filled with the highly toxic fuels.

The Russians, according to NASA use an inferior fuel cell system. Using aluminum for the fuel cells rather than the Titanium that the US Space Agency uses.

The Russian probe also carries a payload beyond the toxic fuel that was not supposed to reenter the Earths atmosphere.
It carries a Chinese satellite that was to be placed in orbit around Mars. I have not been able to find any information as to what type of power cell the Chinese satellite carries on-board. It would have to be a nuclear power system of some type. What shielding and possibilities that the power system would have to rupture and spread out during the reentry to the Earths atmosphere is unknown at this time.

The probe is expected to explode upon reentry and then something between 20 and 40 pieces of wreckage raining down upon the Earth's surface weighing up to 440 pounds each.

What is also unknown is the location that this unit and its toxic payload will crash into and just what time.

Several calculations have been made and changed after the announcements were made.

What they do know - it will be coming down today - and hitting someplace on Earth.

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