Saturday, January 28

News Corp - Parent of Fox News - is back in the News for unethical operations

In an ongoing saga that is bound to bring the giant political machine that is News Corp to the brink of destruction and beyond before it ends, Police in England have arrested 4 and detained a fifth in possible connection to the Phone Hacking scandal that closed one of News Corps outlets in England last year.

Bribery and Corruption are at the root of this round of arrests.

The British Police searched the offices of the News Corp outlets in England after the arrests according to some news reports.

These will not be the last but the question is - how will Rupert Murdoch handle the allegations of his News organizations unethical and inappropriate gathering of information?

NPR's Story: British Police Arrest 5 In Tabloid Bribery Probe

the Wall Street Journal Story: U.K. Police Arrest Four in Bribery Probe

Bloomberg: News Corp. Workers Arrested in U.K. Bribe Probe

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