Saturday, January 7

On the road to New Hampshire - The Candidates are on the stump

ON the Republican Campaign trail for 2012 some have dropped off to the wayside.

Before Iowa the Republicans lost Herman Cain. The 65 year old self-made businessman to public pressure and scrutiny as allegations of sexual misconduct. The situation was compounded with Mr. Cain's acknowledgment that he made a series of payments to a "friend", Ginger Winter. The money exchanged hands without Mr. Cain's wife's knowledge. Ginger Winter made public claims that she and Herman Cain had a 13 year long affair.

the Iowa Caucus -

In Iowa some funny things happened.
As I predicted Mitt Romney came out on top.
But did he really win by 8 votes?
There are new allegations that a count of 22 votes in his favor may have actually been only 2 votes for Romney. That would mean that Rick Santorum would have been the big winner of the Iowa Caucus.

But when we say winner what do we mean?

The votes were cast in so many different directions that no one candidate was a clear winner or moving in the right direction for the majority of the conservative voters.

Both Romney and Santorum had 25% of the vote.
According to the previous vote count that worked out to 30,015 votes for Romney and 30,007 votes to Santorum.

If the 2 vs 22 is correct the actual outcome from the Iowa caucus would be 20,993 for Mitt Romney and 30,029 for The former two-term senator from Pennsylvania Rick Santorum. They still remain at 25% each of the overall vote.

Ron Paul was just behind the two front runners with 21% of the vote and a total of 26,219 votes - if we can trust that number as well.

Newt Gingrich trailed behind with 13% of the vote with a total of 16,251 votes.

Rick Perry finished off with 10% receiving 12,604 votes.

As I predicted Michele Bachmann finished off in Iowa with just 5% of the vote. Having only 6,073 votes. She has now dropped out of the race again as I predicted.

The former US ambassador to China Jon Huntsman showed up, almost and received a sad 745 votes. That's 0.6% of the total vote.

The real winner of the Iowa Caucus may be the Democrats and the current President Obama as the vote shows that the GOP remains fragmented and non-unified.

This makes the upcoming New Hampshire primaries that much more important.

Will we begin to see some unity and alignment behind 1 or 2 candidates?

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