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Pending Legislation as of the end of December 2011

President Obama signed 8 Bills into law during the month of December 2011.
You can review all 8 signed Bills for the month of December by clicking here.

10 Bills were left pending the Presidents signature at the close of the month. Each is listed below with a PDF of the most recent version of the bill in PDF available for review or download.

HR2056 To instruct the Inspector General of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to study the impact of insured depository institution failures, and for other purposes

HR1801 Risk-Based Security Screening for Members of the Armed Forces Act

HR1059 To protect the safety of judges by extending the authority of the Judicial Conference to redact sensitive information contained in their financial disclosure reports

HR515 Belarus Democracy and Human Rights Act of 2011

HR2422 To designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 45 Bay Street, Suite 2, in Staten Island, New York, as the `Sergeant Angel Mendez Post Office'

HR1264 To designate the property between the United States Federal Courthouse and the Ed Jones Building located at 109 South Highland Avenue in Jackson, Tennessee, as the ‘‘M.D. Anderson Plaza’’ and to authorize the placement of a historical/ identification marker on the grounds recognizing the achievements and philanthropy of M.D. Anderson.

HR789 To designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 20 Main Street in Little Ferry, New Jersey, as the `Sergeant Matthew J. Fenton Post Office'

HR 1892 Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012

H.R. 2845 - Pipeline Safety, Regulatory Certainty, and Job Creation Act of 2011

H.R. 1540 - National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012

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