Saturday, April 28

Weekly Address: Helping our Veterans and Servicemembers Make Informed Decisions about Higher Education (Video)

There is a growing trend in our society of illegitimate schools praying on those who feel trapped without means to provide for there families and coercing huge sums of money from them in the hopes that these facilities will provide them with degrees and certifications that are accredited by the US Educational system. They are non-accredited in nature and provide little to no benefit to the "students" that have been duped into paying the "tuition" for the courses. It is a problem for all Americans but the main target currently seems to be the returning US Military personnel who are attempting to reenter the workforce after spending months and years defending our freedoms.

The full length video of President Obama's weekly address for Saturday April 28 2012 is below.

Read the full transcript of the President's weekly address for Saturday April 28 2012 by following this link.

Download an MP3 of this weekly Address here

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