Wednesday, May 16

Activists Targeting G-8 Summit in Frederick Maryland for Anti-Drone Protest

The western part of Maryland will once again play host to the ruling class of the world this week as the G-8 Summit goes to Camp David. Protesters are starting to warm up for the event by constructing and carrying drone-aircraft replicas.

This group opposes the use of unmanned aerial drones to attack targets, even terrorist targets around the world, by manning Drone Replicas in mass in an "occupy" manner.

They call what the are doing the "2012 National Ground the Drones Tour" and it appears that it has been organised by the WESPAC Foundation from White Plains New York along with Know Drones, an online retailer of drone replica models for sale for $350.

According to a press release on the WESPAC Foundation website

Drones are big business. They promise War Lite, Precision Death for political and military adversaries, and massive intelligence gathering everywhere. Activists for Peace, Immigrants Rights, International Solidarity and Human Rights Monitoring are directing attention to the impact of this new technology. Military drone technology is now being applied to police surveillance and private, commercial information gathering.

It looks to me that Drone Replicas are a pretty good business also at $350 a pop and little to no required training or computer knowledge required to Know how to operate the Drone.

The press release also says
The Tour will present demonstrations and teach-ins to raise public awareness about the impact of the use of drones.

According to the "Know Drowns" schedule for Thursday afternoon, members will visit 6th District of Maryland Republican Congressman Roscoe Bartlett's offices in Frederick. The group feels that Congressman Bartlett should send survivors of U.S. drone strikes more than $88,000 in campaign contributions he has received from drone makers and related businesses.

After the visit to Cong. Bartlett's offices they plan to visit his opponent in the upcoming November elections Democrat John Delaney's offices which are also located in Frederick Maryland.

On Friday the "Know Drones" group will hold a 4 hour "Occupy G8 People’s Summit" at the C. Burr Artz Library in downtown Frederick. Afterward the website for "Know Drones" lists them as holding a 4 hour "Sidewalk Drone Education" event near Camp David.

The group will continue on until Saturday where they will have a 10 hour "Counter-G8 Community Bloc Party" once again in downtown Frederick at Baker Park.

I will be attempting to speak with Congressman Bartlett and his challenger this morning.

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