Friday, May 18

No G8 for Russia's President Putin

Russian President Putin will not be attending the G8 meeting's at Camp David, located in Frederick County Maryland this weekend or the later G8 meetings in Chicago.

President Vladimir Putin, Russia's leader set an anti-American campaign in motion last fall and seems to be continuing to move it forward despite current statements in the media to the contrary. The Russian leadership adopted the anti-American position last November when Putin made an accusation that the United States was the backing financier behind attempts to interfere with the then upcoming Russian elections.

In a May 16th statement by the Kremlin, it was announced that:
Vladimir Putin will not be able to participate in the summit because of the need to continue the formation of the cabinet.

41 people over the last two days have been arrested while holding sit-in, occupy style demonstrations at two locations in Moscow where people were protesting against Putin's return to Presidential power over the country. The groups started holding demonstrations last year after allegations of vote rigging in a parliamentary election that handed the Kremlin-backed United Russia victory. These are the same demonstrations that Putin accused Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton of inciting and the United States of providing monetary backing to support the efforts.

Russia’s only independent election monitor, the Golos Association (Golos is Cyrillic: meaning "vote" or "voice"), operates on grants from the United States and Europe.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the former Russian president who stepped down to allow Putin’s return to the presidency, will be the Russian representative for the G8 summit this weekend.

And you thought the US political system was a mess.

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