Sunday, May 6

The Presidential Campaigns change gears and start to pick up momentum

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In an election year the country begins to focus on the goal by June.

Not true this time around.

This year we have seen the shifting gears swiftly accelerate and bring the Presidential elections to the forefront of conversations all throughout the United States.

Division lines have been forming for sometime now with the conservatives and liberals going head to head in heated contests ranging from simple city and county level seats all the way to the White House.

The political fights have not been contained to just the traditional political theaters however.

There is more passion and anger in this election cycle than I have ever seen before in my lifetime. Both of the major parties, and lets be honest here the only two parties that stand a chance at making any true movements here are the Republicans and Democrats, are going for the throat of the opposition this year.

The incumbent President, Barack Obama is calling for an end to divisiveness but to me that looks like it is adding to the division that has already begun in the fabric of the American political system.

With the political machines come the journalist machines. They need to be cranking up the ground war that will become a reality here once again, all though this time around it seems to already have a different air about it.

America is pissed - and the journalists will feed off of them in a way we have never seen before. Americans want to go back to the days of Bill Clinton's Presidency and have jobs growing and stability in our future once again. Nobody wants to admit that is what they want when they are on the Republican side, but that is the goal.

In the end what we need is a blended Presidency and administration.
A blending of Carter, Reagan and Clinton.
Carter was a negotiator, Reagan a ball-buster and trained actor and Clinton was lucky as hell and had the right cabinet in place to help guide the country on its course into the future.

Fox and NBC have already started to amp up the rivalry.
But don't count out CNN and all the other Cable "news" providers

Murdoch will of course back Romney and the Republican machine with all forces that Fox can muster.

With the Chinese slave-labor producing more I-Phones by the minute the new big-boy on the block to have massive sway, Apple, is sure to start helping the political environment in divisionisim and further spreading the words of the political party of Apples choice very soon on a phone near you.

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