Saturday, June 30

Muslim Brotherhood takes control of Egypt as newly sworn in President Mursi takes the helm

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Muslim Brotherhood takes control of Egypt as newly sworn in President Mursi takes the helm

As the newly elected president of Egypt assumed the position of power, the Muslim Brotherhood took another significant step forward in the international political arena. This will give them a wide and resounding voice on the world stage since Egypt is the biggest Arab nation and a key US ally in the region. Egypt is also one of the few states in the Arab world that maintains diplomatic relations with Israel.

The Egyptian Scaf (Supreme Council of the Armed Forces) handed over power to president Mursi earlier today as president Mursi has become Egypt's first civilian, democratically elected president.

President Mursi will need to begin rebuilding the Egyptian Parliament that was dismantled by the Egyptian military.

According to president Mursi, the Parliament has been elected in a free and fair ballot and has been entrusted with drafting a new, democratic constitution.

The new Egyptian political machine will be based on "the constitutional court, the Egyptian judiciary, and the executive and legislative powers".

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