Sunday, September 23

More Blogs continue distorting the TRUE Executive Order count to 900 and even more

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More and more blogs are distorting the TRUE number of Executive Orders that President Obama has signed and made into law.

900 Executive Orders?

They are counting EO's that were signed by Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan and even going as far back as Kennedy in some cases.

It's BS plain and simple.

If you want to see the actual current Executive Order list as signed into law by President Obama, read them and in many cases download a copy of them - look for the links on this page to the Current List of Executive Orders.

I understand the idea behind the distortions and I also understand Fear = Money especially on the web where Traffic = Money but Truth = Knowledge & Freedom.

The 1461 is and always has been 100% factual in the listing and presentation of the Executive Order usage by the current administration.

We will not distort, embellish or lie to gain traffic or make a quick dollar.

It's not what this blog or the book are about.

While others who will remain nameless NEED to resort to that type of writing to attract attention to a blog or site, we don't. We stick with the facts.

The facts provide enough traffic for those who want and need the truth to be able to find it and share it with other like minded truth seeking Americans.

I operate this blog to follow the full 1,461 days (that is a full four year term in office) of the sitting administration in a factual and truthful manner. We follow the Executive Order because it is an extension of power directly from the Presidents hand. We also follow the Presidential Memorandum's as they are also an extension of that power.

This blog and the books that follow will continue operating and following the next administration from Day one through day 1,461 truthfully and with the dignity and integrity that our 1 million readers have come to expect from us.

To the truth seekers - thank you.

To those who have just discovered us, welcome to the 1461.

To our Facebook Fans - thank you all once again for helping us pass the 1,000 Facebook page likes and over 10,000 page likes.

We appreciate all of you and will continue telling the truth for you to read, review and share!

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  1. Anonymous10:44 PM EDT

    I came here looking for the number of Executive Orders from President Obama. In several very long and angry threads the number was stated to be over 900. I didn't think that could be right. So I did my research.

    I am horrified by the tone of most posts that I have read lately and I wonder if this country can ever stop thinking like opponents and start thinking like Americans.

    1. Anonymous10:09 PM EDT

      The country is thinking like "opponents" for one reason: There is one group of power-hungry politicians who are intent on dragging us into totalitarianism, which is un-American. The rest of us demand that government follow the strictures and limits of the Constitution, which defines America and which is the basis of our freedom. We don't have the same goal as the statists; they have an opposing goal. That is why we think and act as "opponents." And clearly there are statists in both major political parties.

  2. Kerry Beard11:24 PM EST

    I feel like some of your numbers are wrong and each of them by just 1. George Bush started with #13198 and finished with #13488. Subracting 13198 from 13488 gives us 290. We have to add 1 to this because that's how math works, giving us 291. You got it right.

    The others, though, all show the initial subtracted number without adding the necessary 1. Bill Clinton started with #12834 and ended with #13197. 13197 - 12834 + 1 = 364 You have 363, the initial subtracted number.

    If you doubt my math, here's an easier to understand example: Let's say President Bob issued executive orders starting with #3 and ending with #9. He issued 7 EOs, not 6. 9 - 3 + 1 = 7 or count each of them: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. My intention is not to offend with such simplistic math, but I felt it had to be said.

    If I am wrong, please do correct me and tell me why I am having a crazy moment. Thanks.

  3. Anonymous10:38 AM EST

    Re the number of EO's, another reason may be caused by confusing the number of orders 'proposed' and sent to the President, as is being done now (2014) by certain agencies and politicians, e.g. REG-134417-13, “Guidance for Tax-Exempt Social Welfare Organizations on Candidate-Related Political Activities”. This is a proposed rule, not yet an Executive Order...Thanks for this blog.


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