Monday, September 10

Veteran Motorcycle Officer Killed in Presidential Rolling Motorcade

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The accident that took the officers life took place at around 4:40 p.m. Sunday afternoon on the southbound entrance ramp from 45th Street in West Palm Beach to Florida Interstate 95.

Officer Bruce St. Laurent, a 20-year veteran of the Jupiter Police force was killed when his motorcycle was struck during President Barack Obama’s motorcade. He was struck by a white Ford F-150 pickup. The driver of the truck was not immediately identified.

Officer St. Laurent was born in Fall River, Massachusetts in 1957. Officer St. Laurent was married to his wife, Brenda, for over thirty years and has four children, Larry, Albert, Lenny, and Chartelle.

The Sheriff’s office and the Florida Highway Patrol are investigating the crash.

Officer St. Laurent was known by fellow officers as a generous man who often played Santa Claus for the local Head Start program. He was a motorcycle officer for the last 18 years. According to an online memorial by the town of Jupiter Florida, he "was a valued member of our community and employee within the Town of Jupiter. He was an amazing person who will be missed by everyone who was fortunate enough to know him."

President Obama was in West Palm Beach on Sunday afternoon for a campaign rally.

The President's motorcade passed directly by the accident scene moments after the collision.

White House press secretary Jay Carney said the president did not see the accident, but was notified of the officer's death. "The accident happened ahead of the motorcade itself and no other vehicle in the motorcade was involved in the accident," Carney told reporters. Carney also told reporters that upon being informed of Officer St. Laurent's death the President said "our thoughts and prayers are with the officer's family."

No official statement has been released from the White House as yet.

An officer in Hillary Clinton's motorcade was killed in February 2008 while she was campaigning for the Presidency in Dallas when the officers motorcycle hit a curb.

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