Tuesday, October 9

Statement by NSC Spokesman Tommy Vietor on the Approval of the President’s Executive Order Regarding Sanctions Related to Iran

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Statement by NSC Spokesman Tommy Vietor on the Approval of the President’s Executive Order Regarding Sanctions Related to Iran

Today, the President signed an Executive Order that approves the framework for implementing portions of the Iran Threat Reduction and Syria Human Rights Act of 2012 (ITRSHRA).  This action is part of our comprehensive sanctions effort to apply pressure on the Iranian government to meet its international obligations with regard to its nuclear program.  This sanctions effort has produced profound and demonstrable results.
The President signed ITRSHRA into law on August 10, 2012.  It builds on the sanctions that have been imposed on the Iranian government, and provides for additional sanctions on activities related to Iran’s energy and financial sectors, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, support for terrorism, and activities related to human rights abuses by Iran and Syria, among other things.  The President also issued today a memorandum that delegates certain Presidential functions and authorities in ITRSHRA to the Secretaries of State and the Treasury and other cabinet-level officials.  This Administration will continue to work with Congress to implement ITRSHRA in furtherance of our shared objective to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.
The implementation of robust international sanctions led by the United States due to Iran’s continued nuclear non-compliance, coupled with the Iranian government’s economic mismanagement and prioritization of its illicit nuclear program over the basic needs of the Iranian people, have created unprecedented pressure on Iran’s economy.  The onus is on Iran to abide by its international obligations with respect to its nuclear program.   If the Iranian government continues its defiance, there should be no doubt that the United States and our partners will continue to tighten our sanctions and impose increasing consequences.

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