Tuesday, November 6

Current Popular votes for the Presidency 8:15 PM Eastern US

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Current Popular votes for the Presidency 8:15 PM Eastern US

These are very early numbers but they may be beginning to paint a picture for America.
The current popular vote
President Obama with 4,234,749  with 65 Electoral votes
Mitt Romney with 4,690,345 with 56 Electoral Votes
New Hampshire has 4 Electoral votes
Indiana has 11 Electoral votes
(R) Kentucky has 8 Electoral votes
Vermont has 3 Electoral votes 
Virginia has 13 Electoral votes 
West Virginia has 5 Electoral votes
North Carolina has 15 Electoral votes
South Carolina has 9 Electoral votes
Florida has 29 Electoral votes
Georgia has 16 Electoral votes
Ohio has 18 Electoral votes
Massachusetts has 11 Electoral votes
Rhode Island has 4 Electoral votes
Connecticut has 7 Electoral votes
New Jersey has 14 Electoral votes
New York has 29 Electoral votes
Pennsylvania has 20 Electoral votes
Delaware has 3 Electoral votes
Maryland has 10 Electoral votes
Tennessee has 11 Electoral votes
Alabama has 9 Electoral votes
Michigan has 16 Electoral votes
Illinois has 20 Electoral votes
Missouri has 10 Electoral votes
Oklahoma has 7 Electoral votes
Texas has 38 Electoral votes
South Dakota has 3 Electoral votes
Mississippi has 6 Electoral votes
Some media outlets are now calling electoral votes for the candidates.
We have them noted above by coloration - we prefer to hold declaring a state one way or the other until approximately 10% of the states electorate is tabulated. 
We will mark those states with an (R) or a (D).

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