Monday, November 5

Senate race leaning left

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There are 33 Senate seats in play this election.
There are 30 Seats currently held by the Democrats and 37 seats held by the Republicans that are not in play this election. 51 seats will give control of the Senate to the party. 
Of the 33 seats in play 7 Democrats and 5 Republican seats are considered safe.
11 seats are leaning left while 2 are trending right.
The game will play out in the Virginia, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Montana and Nevada. 
In Virginia the fight is between Democrat Tim Kaine & Republican George Allen 
Polls show Kaine slightly ahead of Allen.
In Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown is up against Democrat Elizabeth Warren 
Polls show Warren moving ahead of Brown
In Wisconsin Democrat Tammy Baldwin is up against Republican Tommy Thompson
Current Polls show Baldwin moving ahead of Thompson
In North Dakota Republican Rick Berg is running against Democrat Heidi Heitkamp
This was a close race at one point but recently Rick Berg has started walking away from Heitkamp. Heitkamp's own campaign website doesn't even show up in Google results. 
The campaign publicist dropped the ball here.
In Montana Republican Denny Rehberg and Democrat Jon Tester are locked in a dead heat. Polls show them tied at 47% each.
In Nevada Republican Dean Heller is up against Democrat Shelley Berkley.
This one is leaning to Heller though only slightly.
If we take the leaning as likely wins you will add an additional 3 seats to the Democrats 2 to the Republicans and one toss up. 
What does this mean?
Democrats have 18 safe / strong leaning seats with the 30 seats already in Democrat control the addition of the 3 leaning seats the Democrats would have the 51 seat control leaving the Republicans at 47 with the one toss up seat still undeclared. 
What are you seeing in your state?
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