Thursday, January 10

Another school shooting - this time in California

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A small town in California was suddenly tied to the east coast this morning in a way they never wanted. 

A student opened fire in a science classroom earlier today in the Taft Union High School. The student walked into the science class and fired a shotgun into one students chest. Eyewitnesses said he then declared that another student in the classroom was next. 

Before he could shoot another student the teacher engaged him verbally. While the gunman was occupied the remaining 28 students were able to leave the class through the back door to the classroom  The teacher who was unarmed and wounded in the head at the time, was able to talk the gunman into relinquishing his shotgun. 

Police were called when neighbors of the school noticed the student walking onto campus carrying a shotgun partway through the mornings first period. The shooter was taken into custody. He reportedly had as many as 20 additional shells in his pockets. 

The 16 year old student who was shot in the chest is in stable condition in a Bakersfield Hospital. The teacher and another student were injured from the first blast from the shotgun.

The teacher deserves a medal. 

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