Tuesday, January 15

Can President Obama Issue Executive Orders the Change Current Gun Laws?

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There seems to be some confusion about whether or not the President can issue Executive Orders that would modify the nation's current gun laws.

Firearms are a second amendment right by interpretation but keep in mind that the amendment never states which types of firearms and that means it is open to interpretation and could be limited by Executive Order.
Hand guns, rifles, semi-automatics, bolt action, single shot - they are not called out in the amendment and are available for limitation by Executive Order.

Also - some feel that the nature of the word in the Constitution and the Second Amendment lend the idea that the firearm could be pulled right back to a black powder weapon, Constitutionally, as it was adopted on December 15th in 1791.

The power of the Executive Order is after all is extreme. President's have waged wars by use of Executive Order and would surely be able to modify interpretations of standing laws and can impose limitations. The President has plenty of latitude to issue EO's that would still be legal and Constitutionally acceptable.

There is also a standing set of laws that were passed by President Bush that could allow President Obama to justify his actions or limitations by protecting the security of the country and it's citizens.

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