Friday, January 4

Flagship of American Jobs Resurgence for Obama Administration Closes Doors Thursday

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Lincolnton Furniture's Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting
Ceremony just a little over a year ago.
In yet another bizarre shift of company's that the Obama Administration has backed or touted as pioneers and shining examples of American business, a North Carolina furniture company has slammed it's doors shut and sent it's employee's in to the ranks of the unemployed.

Lincolnton Furniture rose from the ashes of the former Chromcraft Revington Furniture company which shifted production to China and shut it's doors in 2008. Shifting from the high cost of American employees to the relatively inexpensive Chinese pay-scales allowing larger profits for the company.

Lincolnton Furniture closed it's doors on Thursday, a year after President Obama gave them national praise for bringing jobs back to American shores from China. President Obama called the move a shining example of jobs resurgence in America. 

Lackluster sales and low demand for the relatively high priced, quality American goods when compared to the high volume of sales for low quality, low cost imported Chinese goods offered at bargain stores like Wal-Mart were sighted by Lincolnton's Chief Financial Officer Ben Causey in an interview with reporters.

America wants the jobs and the quality of the goods that are made on our shores but they want to pay Wal-Mart prices for it. It just doesn't work that way. Why buy a Ford or a Chevy and pay the difference for American goods and workers when you can buy a Hyundai or a Kia at 1/3 the price? Chinese employees work for a fraction of what American workers demand for pay - thus lowering the cost of the goods sold. 

In November of 2012 Lincolnton received the Governors Award for Excellence in Workforce Development and now only a few lucky employees remain at Lincolnton while the company reviews and evaluates the options that it has available for the possible future.
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