Monday, January 28

Immigration Reform is the next hot topic

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After the recent announcement of another game of "kick the can" being scheduled for the United States debt crisis and a "punt" is called in for the debt ceiling to buy another 4 months on the run back and the movement on "gun control" - our Government has decided to turn the lackluster attention span to ... Immigration Reform.

A bi-partisan group of 8 Senators has reportedly agreed upon the basic frame work for Immigration Reform. 
Democrat Senators Dick Durbin, Charles Schumer Bob Menendez and Michael Bennet have been joined by Republican Senators Marco Rubio, Linsay Graham, Jeff Flake and John McCain in support of the proposal.

What does this proposal look like? 
Click here to read the press release

President Obama is scheduled to release his immigration reform proposal on Tuesday from Las Vegas.

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