Sunday, January 13

Vice President Biden to Present Gun Control Proposals this Week

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Vice President Biden to Present Gun Control Proposals this Week to President Obama 

In an effort to keep pressure generated by the aftermath of the Newtown school shootings last month on Congress and the public to take action, Vice President Biden will present proposals generated by the Gun Control work-group. 

According to Joe Biden he will be "submitting to the President a proposal as to how to proceed. I'm shooting for Tuesday. I hope I get it done by then."

Gun Control is at the center of this package but it will also include mental health and cultural changes. The Vice President has met with video game makers and other entertainment industry heads as well as victims of gun violence and gun rights advocate groups, law enforcement heads, medical, education and legal advisers. 

Without a doubt games like Call of Duty will be targeted for the graphic violence and realistic game play. The assumption is that younger players being immersed in these games actually desensitizes them to gun violence and the lines between game and reality become blurred. They may be looking at making game play for online game systems follow along with movie ratings such as "R" or Restricted game play for persons over the age of 17 and the use of NP-17 for no on age 17 and under may be allowed to play. 

The Gun Control proposal will also include a new Assault Weapon ban and a new restriction on the magazine or round capacity for a weapons with a reduced capacity which will possibly allow the weapon to be loaded with no more than 5 to 6 rounds. 

Vice President Biden's recommendations are expected to include a mixture of required legislation and the use of Presidential Executive Orders to shape the new Gun Control policies.

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  1. Anonymous7:36 PM EST

    "IT ISN'T THE GUN,STUPID". It's the CRIMINAL. As stupid as Biden is he won't get it. Remember Folks. When the guns are gone....Your Freedoms and Liberties are soon to follow. FOUR MORE YEARS.....


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