Monday, May 20

President Obama's call to Oklahoma Governor after Mile Wide Tornado destroys Moore City

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At least 51 people have reportedly been killed according to the latest reports. The tornado has been estimated to be a mile wide and ripped through the Oklahoma City area. Currently reports of at least 120 people being injured, including 70 children.

Gov. Mary Fallin said "Our hearts are broken for parents who are wondering about the state of their children,"  during a Monday evening emergency press conference.

President Obama spoke with Governor Fallin this evening and according to a White House press release of the phone call, he expressed his concern for those who have been affected by this deadly storm outbreak.  While information is still coming in, the President made clear that his Administration, through FEMA, stands ready to provide all available assistance as the Governor’s team responds to the storm and that he has directed his team to ensure that they are providing available resources as the response unfolds. 

FEMA has deployed an Incident Management Assistance Team to the state emergency operations center in Oklahoma City to support state and local officials on the ground and additional personnel and resources stand ready to be dispatched as necessary. The President told Governor Fallin that the people of Oklahoma are in his and the First Lady’s thoughts and prayers and, while his team will continue to keep him updated, he urged her to be in touch directly if there were additional resources the Administration could provide.   

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