Monday, September 2

(Video) President Obama's Statement from the White House Rose Garden on Syria

President Obama's Statement on the situation in Syria from the White House Rose Garden August 31 2013.

President Obama say's the US is to take military action on Syria. It will be a "no boots down" approach using military assets that are already in the region. The military action will not be time sensitive. The Obama administration is seeking authorization from Congress for strike.

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  1. Anonymous9:14 AM EDT

    If Congress is lame enough not to understand that Obama is looking for a way OUT or someone to Blame, they should be voted out!
    We do not need to be involved in a Civil war in the ME. We can not even take care of our current vets. This is not just an in and out war. This will be another disaster by an inexperiened, dictator.

  2. Anonymous9:17 AM EDT

    It doesn't matter which side used the gas.
    Obama armed the Syrian Al Qaeda rebels with the arms from the then defunct Libyan rebels. That is the entire reason for the Benghazi cover up including blaming the attack on a Youtube video, editing the talking points and having a judge seal Obama's visitor logs for 12 years.

    Obama used Amb Stevens and the US diplomatic core to run military weaponry to AlQaeda syrian rebels.
    There would be no Syrian Civl war, No deadly conflict, no dead by bullet or bomb and no dead children by a chemical attack if Obama (and McCain and Kerry) hadn't armed the rebels.
    Obama is to blame for the deaths , no matter which side actually used the Syrin gas

  3. Anonymous9:19 AM EDT

    KERRY 'S 2009 friendly dinner with the Syrian dictator.


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