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President Obama's statements on the Ebola crisis October 16 2014

Video of President Obama prior to a meeting on the U.S. Governments coordinated Response to the Ebola crisis.
October 16, 2014

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Important areas of this video:

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"Number two, the second nurse to be diagnosed, as all of you are aware, traveled from Dallas to Cleveland and back. As a consequence, it’s very important for us to make sure that we are monitoring and tracking anyone who was in close proximity to this second nurse to make sure that their temperatures are being taken, and we know that they are receiving the kind of attention that they need to ensure that there’s not additional spread of the disease."

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"One issue that I want to address, because I know this has been a topic consistently in the news, is the issue of a travel ban. And I know that you’ve heard from some public health experts about this, but I want to make sure that everybody is clear about the issue.

I don’t have a philosophical objection necessarily to a travel ban if that is the thing that is going to keep the American people safe. The problem is, is that in all the discussions I’ve had thus far with experts in the field, experts in infectious disease, is that a travel ban is less effective than the measures that we are currently instituting that involve screening passengers who are coming from West Africa - first of all, screening them before they get on the plane there to see whether they’re showing signs of the disease - and screening them again when they get here, taking their temperature."

Read Executive Order 13678 - which activates a military response to the Ebola outbreak in Africa

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