Tuesday, January 13

The Republican Field as it Preps for 2016

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The Democrats have a small, tight knit group of 2016 hopefuls. The best hope that the Dems can have moving into the 2016 election cycle would be for a wide, multi-faced, argumentative GOP group of hopefuls traveling here and there in buses, arguing and taking jabs at each other and muddying the waters for the GOP voter base. The bigger the group, the better for the Dems.

The hope might not be out of the question for the Democrats as we are seeing some polarizing personalities which are sure to draw the Democrat base out in mass to the voting booths in 2016.

Former Florida Gov. and Bush clan member Jeb Bush’s made his announcement in mid-December. He is considered by some to be too moderate for the conservative base to be a serious contender and he brings with him the stigma of being a Bush. The Bush name in itself may be enough for the GOP base to move away from him swiftly as his candidacy may be enough to bring even the least likely to vote Democrat running to the voting booth. However there are others in the GOP who feel Gov Bush would be a lock for the nomination. His last campaign was in 2002. That's 13 years of dust and cobwebs to knock off the campaign machine.

Former Massachusetts Gov. and 2012 GOP nominee, Mitt Romney has said he is considering running. Gov. Romney waited until April 11th of 2011 to announce he was going to form an exploratory for the 2012 run. Sources close to Romney have said that he is not satisfied with the current primary field being raised by the Republican party. A field including the possibilities of a Republican dynasty being established by Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush. He will have to overcome the stigma of being the architect of Obama-care. Gov. Romney's version was the Massachusetts health care reform legislation, which provided near-universal health insurance access through state-level subsidies and individual mandates to purchase insurance. He also will have to overcome being a three time runner. His bid in 2008 failed to gain him the party's nomination and his 2012 nomination as the GOP candidate ended in a loss. He was able to get past the Obama-care connection once so it is not out of the question that he could do it twice.

I had expected to see Mitt Romney's running mate Rep Paul Ryan enter the ring on this round but he has just announced that he will not be running. More likely than not this is a move to help shore up the Romney run. I would suspect that Ryan will however start moving to position himself for a solid 2020 run.

Marco Rubio?

Mike Huckabee?

Keep watching

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