Friday, November 20

Radisson Blu hotel in Bamako Mali stormed by Militant Islamist Extremist Gunmen

Three people have reportedly been killed and 170 hostages have been taken by what are being reported to be Islamist Extremists.

The attack is taking place in the Republic of Mali's capital city of Bamako which serves as Frances logistics hub in the fight against Islamist insurgents in the region.

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Radisson Blu in Bamako Mali stormed by Radical Militant Islamist
No group has claimed responsibility for the on going attack and the identities or affiliation of the attackers is not currently clear. The attackers are reportedly freeing individuals who are able to recite a Muslim profession of faith. Mali forces have the hotel surrounded and are possibly clearing the building on a floor by floor basis. Witnesses are reporting hearing sporadic gunfire. The total of remaining hostages being held remains unclear at this time.

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