Friday, November 13

Police storming the Bataclan arts center - where hostages are being held in Paris

French Police have stormed the Bataclan arts center

Eyewitness reports are saying that one of the attackers in the Bataclan arts center Eagles of Death Metal show shouted "Allahu akbar" before firing into the crowd in attendance.

France has declared a national state of emergency, closing its national borders after at least 40 people were killed in multiple gun and bomb attacks in Paris.

At least 15 people were killed near the Bataclan arts centre, where up to 100 people were being held hostage.

Explosions and gunfire are being reported as police storm the venue.

Three people were killed in an attack in a bar near the Stade de France, with some reports suggesting a suicide blast.

Paris residents have been asked to stay indoors and military personnel are being deployed across Paris.

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