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What is in store for Presidential Debate 1: Sept. 26, 2016‬‬

This should be a fun filled boxing match with an attempt to prove to the nation that Hillary is a stronger candidate and Trump makes every attempt to cling to the ropes and fake that she lands some solid body blows. I'm not sure that Trump's ego will allow him to throw the fight, let alone the election. These two long time friends and (I suspect) business partners may have been able to successfully pull the plan off for the previous election rounds, but the debates may just bring real tears from Hillary Clinton's eyes as her friend may actually decide to take the office for himself rather than throw the election for her.

Round One will be held at Hofstra University in New York on Monday, September 26th between the two most worthless candidates (Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton) we as a nation could bring together to see who will succeed as possibly the last leader of our grand and noble nation.

Honestly - would you want either one answering the White House phone at 2 am or sitting across the table from other world leaders? Neither one of these two turds has enough polish to represent the strength, integrity, or ideals of this nation.

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Just to show how the nation is following this election, here are Google's top searches on the pair of airheads:

Top Hillary Questions on Google:

1       Why did Hillary cancel NC fundraiser? 

         Clinton did cancel a lunch fundraiser in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, on 20 September 2016, with the stated reason for the cancellation being a "change in the campaign schedule,"

2 Which Bush endorses Hillary Clinton? 

         That would be George H W Bush. Even Barbara Bush has publicly said she will not vote for Trump. Jeb Bush won't be voting for Trump but he hasn't said he would be voting for Hillary either. Neither George W or Laura Bush have said who they will vote for publicly.

3 Where is Hillary campaigning today?

        Hillary doesn't seem to have anything booked for the day as she is preparing to debate her friend and "adversary" Donald Trump tomorrow night. Senator Tim Kaine will be at the Miami Dade College - Kendall Campus Library Breezeway, Building 2000 - discussing Hillary Clinton’s plan to create an economy that works for all, not just those at the top.

4 When is the debate with Trump and Clinton?

        The first debate is scheduled for tomorrow (Monday, September 26th 2016) and will air from 9 pm to 10:30 PM Eastern US (8pm – 9:30pm CT, 7pm – 8:30pm MT, 6pm – 7:30pm PT)

5 Why is Hillary losing ground?

         Hillary has a few glaring weaknesses that as we run deeper into the election's just refuse to go away. 

          First: Hillary's former competitor for the Democratic Nomination was obviously much more well equipped with ground swell and popularity to handle a Trump GOP nomination. Bernie Sanders would not be locked in a nose to nose competition with Donald Trump and the Democrat's are bothered by the way that the National Convention was handled. 

          Second: Hillary seems unable to energize her base or even a crowd of attendees at her rallies. These are people who took time to see and listen to her and if you pan the crowd and take in the blank expressions and lack of raw emotion of those in attendance, the idea that she can not electrify the party sinks in.

          Third: Hillary doesn't have the trust of the party or the American citizen's. She has a history that has many American's questioning her trustworthiness including Benghazi, emails, Clinton Foundation donors State Department access during her stint as Secretary of State, special interest connections, and countless conspiracy theories of Clinton corruption running back to and before White Water and the players in that game. Just 29 percent of likely voters find Hillary Clinton trustworthy.

Top Trump Questions on Google:

1 Who plays Trump on @midnight?
         @midnight got a temporary name change to "Trump Presents @midnight with Chris Hardwick" The gimmick was that the Republican presidential nominee was “sponsoring” the show. He was n't really but comedian Anthony Atamanuik played an even more outspoken and controversial version Trump than the real Trump, if you can believe that.

2 What are Donald Trump's plans?

        GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has his rough plans published on his Candidacy webpage and I, and others have been looking at them for some time. Though they seem to look good to the average glance reader and make you feel as though great things are possible - you need to look beneath the onion peel on the plans and follow the natural course of what would happen if they were to be enacted.

     The Trump Tax Reform plan - Trump claims that the tax plan would be revenue neutral - but it doesn't seem to even come close to a neutral status. Some of the proposed "cuts" actually have no true "cut" status. Trump says that his plan would remove nearly 75 million households, or over 50 percent – from the income tax rolls. But many of these households are already not paying federal income taxes. According to a Tax Policy Center analysis, about 67.3 million tax filers or 41.4 percent of all U.S. tax filers paid no federal income tax in 2014 so it's actually not reducing any filing or removing anyone from the tax rolls. Smoke & mirrors and the "Baffle them with Bullshit" business strategy that Trump has employed throughout his entire business platform.
       Go to Trump's campaign page to review the rest of his policy outlines and post your thoughts (Pro or Con) on his policy in the "Comments" section.

3 Is Denzel Washington voting for Trump?

       Actor Denzel Washington did not announce that he's switching his allegiance to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

4 Where is Trump right now?

        According to Trump's Twitter postings - he is meeting with "Benjamin Netanyahu in Trump Tower at 10:00 A.M." today

5 When is the debate with Trump and Clinton?

        The first debate is scheduled for tomorrow (Monday, September 26th 2016) and will air from 9 pm to 10:30 PM Eastern US (8pm – 9:30pm CT, 7pm – 8:30pm MT, 6pm – 7:30pm PT)

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